Prefix Posters with Mr. Navarro

This week in Mr. Navarro’s reading class the students had an awesome time creating their Prefix Posters.  Students were assigned a word and had to decode the word to determine its meaning.  The kids had a fun time working together to create their posters.  Posters were then presented to the rest of the class while the students filled in a chart of their own using the words from each poster. 

A Visitor Reads to Mrs. Downey's 1st Grade on July 25, 2014

Hiromi Johnson-Cordray (2nd grader) came in to Mrs. Downey’s first grade class on Friday, July 25, 2014 as a guest reader.  She was very excited to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to the class.  She reminded our first grade class how we sit on our bottoms and raise our hands.  She also encouraged them by modeling what a good listener looks like.  She told the class all about how they could look forward to 2nd grade where they do not have to sit on the rug as much and feel wiggly…LOL!  Hiromi looks forward to visiting with our class in the future since she was in Mrs. Downey’s first grade class last year.  We enjoyed having her read to us and sharing her insight with our class! 

Ms. Crecco's  1st Grade Class July 25, 2014

Grady Garner, Ever Olivas, and Chaz Escobar- Matienzo are exploring our geo center board during Friday fun time in our classroom! The students were making shapes that we have been talking about all week in class. They had a lot of fun on fun Friday! 

4th Graders Learning Map Reading with Ms. Passmore on July 25, 2014

In 4th Grade we are learning how to read maps. What the different pieces are and what they mean. We located these pieces on actual maps of Arizona, the United States and the World. Students also used the grid, legend and map index to find all the places that they have been to starting with Arizona. We were having so much fun with actual maps in our hands. It’s going to be a great year in Fourth Grade!!! In the 1st picture are Austen Hoffman, Isaiah Ramirez, Marissa Martini, Emily Mullen, Britney Vick, Nadeeya Wilson, SiaJonet Burley. 2nd picture Carter Feeney, Rylie Young, Nyelli Coronado, Giacomo Arbisi, A.J, Vanessa Gambino, Marcus Ramirez, James Rivera, Scottie Smith, Aiyana Taupo-Christensen, Raheem Washington, Liam Reeves, Melissa Juan Castro. 

Figure Me Out with Mrs. Anderson's Math Class on July 25, 2014

Mrs. Anderson’s math class working on their “Figure Me Out” posters during the first week of school. During this activity each student had to come up with ten questions about themselves  where the answers had to be a number. For example “How many pets do I have?”. They then had to write an equation that the other students had to solve in order to figure out the answer to their question.

PE with Ms. Jimenez and Mr. Crothers on July 25, 2014

This is a glimpse into our gym this first week of school.  The kids are stoked about learning the fun and different exciting ways to stay active and healthy!  They did a great job of learning the rules and procedures we have set in our class.  

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Buddies on July 25, 2014


Mrs. Morgan’s Third graders went to do buddies with Ms. Loose’s kindergarten friends in her room.  The third graders are reading to their kindergarten friends.  They also introduced each other.  

Welcome Back with Mr. Navarro on July 24, 2014

The first week in Mr. Navarro’s classroom was all about building a family.  The students were able to express themselves and show their “Brand” in our T-Shirt activity.  In the activity, students answer questions on a specific area of the t-shirt to show their interests and likes.  We then display the shirts and are able to get to know one another a little better.       

Reading and Writing with Mr. Garber

This is  Collin Fitton and Carla Peterson from Mr. Garber’s writing class.  They are reading a paragraph they wrote about what they did over the summer. This was taken on our second day back to school.  I was just going to have them write the paragraphs and look at them myself or let them share from them their seats, but when they were finished they were so excited to share they ran to the front of the classroom to read what they wrote to everyone.  I am excited that they are so excited to write and share out what they have written.  I hope this is an indication of how the rest of the year will go!

Ms. Stavn’s 4th period Social Studies Class

Entire class was on task completing their bellwork or reading silently until their classmates finished at the beginning of class.The students have been learning classroom procedures all week. This was the first moment when the procedures were clear for everybody  and they were 100% on task.

Mr. Bock Discussing Bathroom Procedures with 1st Grade Boys on July 23, 2014

Teamwork to Build Community in Mrs. Callahan's 1st grade on July 22, 2014


On our first Tuesday together, Mrs. Callahan's 1st grade was given a paper puzzle piece that we put our name on and then colored. When all of the pieces were colored, we worked together to put the puzzle pieces together to create two big puzzles - a girl and a boy. We got to know each other as we worked together to fit the pieces together.

Mrs. Trakas' Kindergarten on July 22, 2014


The Kindergarten class in room B103 have had a busy, fun filled week. We have been busy getting to know each other. One activity that we did was creating our names with playdough. Another activity that we did was our Ketchup and Mustard partner activity where the students sorted shapes.

1st Day of Kindergarten in Mrs. Kirchoff's Room on July 21, 2014


This is our classroom on the first day of Kindergarten! We are learning to color, cut and glue. These kids are excited to learn new things and make new friends this year! We learned how to sit and listen, walk in line, and sing new songs. It was a great week in room B102!

5th Grade team Building with Mrs. Kranich on July 21, 2014

As a team building activity the students were asked to work in small groups to try building a house with playing cards.  Having to trust each other to place their cards correctly and safely made for some laughs and fun.   Pictured: Sky L. and Emily D. building the house base with cards in their small group.

Teacher Work Week, July 14-18, 2014

The faculty and staff of Copper Basin K-8 spent their work week before the students arrived in many trainings and workshops to get ready for the up coming 2014-2015 school year.