Dr. Fuller, Dr. Sara Salmon, psychologists, administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals enjoyed the 2nd day of training.

Summit and LAE staff participate in Peace for Kids training.

Teachers in Peace for Kids Training

Mrs. Burton's 1st and 3rd grade class demonstrating social skills while playing checkers.

Mrs. McFarland's 6th and 7th grade class enjoyed reading their "Preposition Books" to Mrs. Burton's K-3rd grade class.

    Ms Schow's 4th and 5th grade students are eagerly learning about the United States geography with the aide of the Promethean Board. This interactive activity has helped these students learn the locations of the states within the country, and they have fun doing it.

    Mrs. Laborde's 7th- 9th grade class, this quarter, are making "Me Squares". The "Me Squares" are a way for students to express themselves nonverbally. The squares represent their likes, goals, future, feelings and accomplishments. This project allows students to show some of their many sides, while helping them identify the many positive attributes they possess.

SuMMit Staff

In Ms Wilder's 10th-12th grade class, new students working on their art projects.

    A twelfth grade student is teaching art to Mrs. Burton's class 1st-3rd grade class. They are making Halloween owls.

Summit students participate in the Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology program known as CAVIT.

Ms Schow's 3rd-5th grade class visit to the Garden.

    Mr. Nathan Woodbury from Florence High School for the Audio Visual class provides work skills for Summit Students.

Olaf visits Mrs. Burton's 1st-3rd grade class for the holidays.

LAE and Summit staff holiday spirit.

    Ms Schow's 3rd-5th grade class go to the Florence Community Garden each week as extended environmental science instruction and community service projects. Student's learn about preparing soil, how to sow seeds, and garden maintenance. Students also take vegetables back to the classroom for taste! Stop by the garden Thursday mornings to say hello!

    Ms Schow's 4th and 5th grade class was invited for a fun day at the Hoofbeats with Hearts! Students got to ride a horse, interact with goats, and other farm animals.

    Ms Schow's 4th graders are learning about service project for The Kindness Connection -TKC, Kind Kids Club. Students do a service project four times a year. Our next project is to create cards for children in hospitals.

Service dog visits Mrs. Burton's class.

    In Ms Schow's class, this week students focused on writing and following procedures with multi step instructions. We include cooking lessons to reinforce life skills and some delicious fun.

Mrs. Burton's class creative writing "If I were president...." and Valentine board for the month of February.

McFarland's class received painting lessons from professional painter guest Gretchen Prater.